Workplace Wellness

Workers are exposed daily to germs and bacteria from commonly touched surfaces in the work environment.   Keyboards, desk phones, door knobs, and copier buttons are all common sources of contamination.  That is why hand hygiene and proper cleaning programs are essential to reducing absenteeism and to creating a healthier work environment.  

Proper hand hygiene is the first step in preventing the spread of illness.  You can help play a vital role in public health by providing products and information to your employees and customers that encourage good hand hygiene practices. 

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the work area and of commonly touched surfaces is also critical in combating the spread of illness.  Gem State Paper carries several innovative products that can become part of any Workplace Wellness Program.  

•  Disposable disinfecting wipes
•  Hard and soft surface disinfecting chemicals
•  Bleach-free sanitizing options
•  Hand soaps and sanitizers
•  Touch-free bathroom systems

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